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Uses for the Lintscoop™

Hook and Loop Fasteners Need Cleaning?

Yes they do....

What are hook and loop fasteners?

velcro filled with debris

Hook and loop fasteners are two piece fasteners or more commonly known as Velcro.

Under magnification, you can see nylon hooks on one piece and a mat of loops on the other.

Known for their unique ability to provide a firm grip under tension but come apart when necessary. They are so versatile and effective that they have found their way into many applications worldwide.

However over time the fastener hooks collect lint and can no longer hold onto the loops.

How the Lintscoop™ works:

two rows of teeth

The Lintscoop™ is specifically engineered to slide through the rows of hooks and easily lift away the lint/debris.

The result is a clean, rejuvenated hook and loop fastener with no damage.

Lintscoop™ is an effective tool that lets you enjoy and use your hook and loop products for longer.

It is simple to use and easy to store.

How to use Lintscoop™

lint filled velcrorake or scoop along velcro to lift debris outvelcro becomes like new

Simply scoop or rake Lintscoop™ parallel with the hooks of the fasteners.

To remove the lint or debris for immediate results.

Hooks that are clogged with lint are:





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Uses for the Lintscoop™

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